PTC and Fabricated Metals

PTC Fabricated Metals

Fabricated Metals builds top quality aluminum and steel enclosures to house the signaling equipment required for Positive Train Control systems. Our instrument, communication, and positive train control houses or enclosures can be furnished in a variety of sizes with any number of door arrangements. Our instrument houses are constructed to meet your specifications and can be customized for any job or project requirements.

FM’s communication houses are built with all-welded construction and can be manufactured from Aluminum; 12 GA or 14 GA Hot Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, Galvanneal, Stainless Steel or Cor-Ten®


Fabricated Metals – Dedicated To Our Partner

When a large OEM railroad communications provider experienced a huge surge in demand from their top customers, Fabricated Metals stepped up to ensure they had the enclosures to meet their needs.

Driven partially by the federal government mandate requiring railroads to implement positive train control by the end of the year, the surge in demand required Fabricated Metals to increase output by over 50% in only one month…. Manufacturers normally utilize overtime as a way to meet temporary increases in demand. However, sustaining such a large increase in throughput for a longer span of time required a different approach….

Manufacturing, Engineering and Human Resources leaders met internally and developed an aggressive solution to the increased demand.