Battery Boxes, Cabinets and Enclosures of All Shapes and Sizes

Fabricated Metals manufactures indoor and outdoor industrial enclosures to meet the needs of the Battery + Energy Storage industries. With the increasing importance for renewable energy sources, and the inherent need for backup battery power for some industries, you need storage for the energy and power supply. That’s where stationary battery enclosures, boxes and houses come in.

Heavy duty industrial battery supplies are expensive and extremely valuable to the system they are integrated with, therefore they must be protected. Protecting your valuable investment is critical. Why go with a lighter gauge solution that is destined to fail in a short period of time?

Fabricated Metals manufactures only heavy duty enclosures that provide the strength and durability using 12 GA steel and aluminum in our enclosures. Flexibility is also accounted for and built into every outdoor stationary battery cabinet as industry standards and regulations change at a rapid pace. With the ability to accept a variety of common battery sizes we incorporate three dimensional adjusting racks that allow sizing adjustments in the field. In addition, exterior breaker boxes are supplied to simplify onsite installation.

Supplemental Backup Battery Cabinets and Enclosures

When potential power loss is unacceptable supplemental battery backups are installed. Typically, these batteries are under a constant charge and provide backup power to locations such as traffic signals, transit control units, street + area lighting and building generators in the event that power is lost.

When power is lost supplemental batteries turn on and provide short term functionality for the systems they support. Often times these battery systems are referred to as un-interruptible power supply (UPS).

Fabricated Metals manufactures supplemental, stationary, and backup battery cabinets, enclosures, and, depending on the size of the unit needed, houses.

Energy Storage – Solar, Wind, Hydro Battery Cabinets and Enclosures

Solar, Wind and Hydro generated power methods typically require stationary batteries that must be climatized to certain conditions and kept at constants to maintain top productivity. Therefore, air flow control, temperature controls, enclosure seals, ventilation, etc. all must be accounted for when storing these types of batteries.

Fabricated Metals Engineers are on staff and ready to assist you with your project by providing customized drawings to meet the needs of your specific application. Whether you need louvered doors, cooling and heating systems, ventilation systems, etc. We design and manufacturer each battery enclosure to meet the precise needs and requirements of YOUR project.


Construction of Custom and Standard Stationary Battery Storage Enclosures

  • Every Battery Enclosure is manufactured to spec, meeting size and weight load requirements of your project.
  • The most common NEMA rating for solar and stationary battery boxes is NEMA 3R and all Fabricated Metals battery and energy storage cabinets and enclosures are designed to meet and exceed the ratings.
  • Electrical enclosures can utilize a variety of metals, most commonly we utilize steel. Other metals, such as aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel these enclosures can also be fabricated using galvanized steel, and Galvanneal can be used.
  • Most enclosures, cases and houses are finished with wet paint, powdercoat, aluminum, galvanized, Galvanneal, or stainless steel passivation. Battery cabinets are powder coated in a standard ANSI #61 grey unless otherwise noted.

Often enclosures require specific details that are not considered “standard” and this is where Fabricated Metals excels:

  • Ventilation – The use of enclosure fans increases air movement and allow the cabinets and enclosures to breathe, reducing off-gas and heat buildup on valuable electronics. Louvered doors and controlled vents allow for circulation if fans are not utilized.
  • Climate Control – Heaters, air conditioning, and thermostats are utilized to create ideal conditions for energy storage.
  • Sealed Compartments – If required, your enclosure can be built with separate sealed compartments for batteries and electronics.
  • Security – Additional levels of security may be needed for installations in high vandalism areas.
  • Submersible – For transit, specifically subway systems, battery storage may be required in high moisture areas. Fabricated Metals has designed and implemented hundreds of submersible enclosures for subway systems across the U.S.
  • Safety – It’s no secret that power and safety must go hand and hand. NEMA ratings require specific protection to personnel against hazardous parts and foreign objects. Fabricated Metals takes the safety of our enclosures very seriously. In some cases we’ve even integrated eye wash stations into our battery cabinets.

  • Slide-In and Slide-Out Battery Shelving – As regulations change and technology changes it’s important your industrial battery storage enclosure adapts. Fabricated Metals builds all units with that concept in mind, from adjustable shelving to modular units, we design and build with ease of use and growth in mind.
  • Insulation – Depending on the location of your installation insulation may be required. Most of our industrial houses and cases are protected from the elements utilizing heating and cooling systems. We offer Rigid Polyiso foam board in 3 sizes, from ½”, 1″, or 2″ in thickness. However, we will apply insulation as called for in drawings and specs of the job.
  • Bullet Proof – Heavier gauge material is utilized or bullet resistant steel or utilizing bullet resistant wall inserts.
  • Vibration Isolation – When mounted on platforms or close to the source of vibration Fabricated Metals utilizes vibration stabilizers on either the entire enclosure or on the equipment racks inside the enclosure to protect the valuable equipment.

Fabricated Metals manufactures enclosures with the above advantages, combined with industry leading production and quality processes that deliver the highest quality products, on time, with competitive pricing. All of these methods, paired with our industry knowledge will help in shortening the payback period of your investment.

Stationary Battery Cabinet

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