NEMA, or the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, sets safety standards for products within the industrial, construction and utility sectors. These standards are commonly utilized by architects, engineers, installers, inspectors and other parties to specify specific products for use with projects.

Fabricated Metals manufactures a wide variety of NEMA rated enclosures and when designing a product with NEMA ratings in mind we ensure the specific standards of that specific NEMA rating are adhered to. Each type of enclosure or rating is manufactured and tested to provide a degree of protection against certain weather and environmental conditions per the standards of NEMA.

NEMA ratings also ensure that enclosures provide protection against:

  • Falling Dirt
  • Rain, Sleet, Snow, Ice
  • Wind-blown Dust, Splashing Water, Hose Directed Water
  • Corrosion
  • Circulating Dust, Lint, Fibers, Flyings
  • Dripping & Splashing of Non-Corrosive Coolants
  • Light Splashing and Consequent Seepage of Oil, and Non-Corrosive Coolants
  • Spraying, Splashing, Seepage of Water, Oil, and Non-Corrosive Coolants
  • Temporary Submersion
  • Prolonged Submersion

We manufacture industrial enclosures that suffice the following NEMA ratings:

  • NEMA 1
  • NEMA 2
  • NEMA 3
  • NEMA 3R
  • NEMA 3S
  • NEMA 3RX
  • NEMA 3SX
  • NEMA 4
  • NEMA 4X
  • NEMA 5
  • NEMA 6
  • NEMA 6P
  • NEMA 12
  • NEMA 12K
  • NEMA 13