Enhanced Aesthetics for Municipalities

Municipalities often require aesthetic enhancements and unique features in addition to a standard functional house, enclosure or bungalow. Typically, these units provide protection for electrical components, communication, pumping stations etc.

We have provided faux brick siding and tile roofing panels for those instances where the bungalow is located in a neighborhood or city limit.

We have provided bullet-proofing for houses located in remote areas as well.

Features of Municipality Enclosures:

  • Aesthetics – Utilizing materials other than steel, such as tile or faux brick, Fabricated Metals designs our enclosures to blend in with surroundings when necessary, rather than creating an eye-sore in densely populated areas and neighborhoods.
  • Bullet-Proof – Bullet proofing can be accomplished utilizing heavier gauge material, bullet resistant steel, and or bullet resistant wall inserts.
  • Seismic Design – Seismic Design corresponds to buildings and structures in areas expected to experience minor to severe and destructive ground shaking. Fabricated Metals designs enclosures that
  • Wind Rated – Depending on wind rating construction restrictions in your area, Fabricated Metals will design a unit to meet and exceed existing regulations.
Municipality Cabinet
Municipality Cabinet 2 Drawing