Indoor EIA Cabinets and Enclosures Designed to Protect Sensitive Equipment

Fabricated Metals produces 9 variations of indoor EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) cabinets designed with special EMI (electromagnetic interference) gasketing to protect sensitive equipment.

Computer Systems and Communications equipment responsible for carrying important voice, video and data, must be protected in and from harsh environments where dust, heat, cold, and water can affect operation. EIA cabinets and enclosures are essential to reduce the risk for damage to sensitive equipment.

Features of Our EIA Cabinets:

  • Security– 3-point roller latching system and gravity latches available.
  • EMI gasketing– Electromagnetic interference gasketing to protect enclosures from dust, heat, cold, and water penetration into the enclosure, further protecting equipment
  • Insulated– Depending on the location of your installation insulation may be required. Most of our industrial houses and cases are protected from the elements utilizing heating and cooling systems. We offer Rigid Polyiso foam board in 3 sizes, from ½”, 1″, or 2″ in thickness. However, we will apply insulation as called for in drawings and specs of the job.
  • Powder Coating– We can powder coat large and small jobs to protect products from the elements. Our facilities are capable of painting a 10’ x 20’ x 10’ enclosure/house and bigger.
  • Adjustable EIA Mounting Rails
Computer Systems and Com Cabinets