Fabricated Metals’ Architectural Designs

When Form Meets Function, Fabricated Metals’ Designs Meet the Specs

For some projects there is limited space for the equipment or aesthetics are a top priority due to high-visibility, high-profile locations. Fabricated Metals’ engineers will work closely with you on your project to meet precise specifications of the job.

This 219 ft. electrical enclosure was built to look like a train, blending into the existing setting of downtown Chicago, IL. In addition, the unit was outfitted with over 120’ of relay rooms, offices, bathrooms and even a kitchen.

The unit was constructed for the Chicago Transit Authority on the Loop Signal Project. The design was to include a “maintainer’s” office and to be constructed out of a steel tubing frame, cold formed steel studs within the walls and aluminum exterior panels with a curved roof.

This is just one example of a project where our designs needed to meet the needs of a particular job.

Architectural House Drawing
Architectural House Drawing 1